Tips For Taking Action

1. Have a written plan. When you have an outline of action steps, it helps keep you organized and on task. It is easy to get distracted by seemingly urgent but less important matters instead of focusing on the truly important, but perhaps less glitzy tasks necessary to reach your goal.
2.Have a timeline or deadline. When you give yourself a deadline or benchmark, it creates a sense of “good stress” to complete the necessary action steps. It keeps your project moving with forward momentum to accomplish your ultimate goal or mission.
3. Have accountability partners. When you have other people who are interested in your success and you in theirs, you can keep each other accountable. This creates an expectation to take action, but also gives you someone who can encourage you and keep you motivated when inevitable issues and frustrations occur. An example of this if you want to start working out to lose weight would be to have an exercise buddy. You will feel like someone is counting on you to show up and succeed.
4. Be consistent. A quote from Buddha says, “If we are facing the right direction, all we have to do is walk.” Begin with one step, then another, then another. Taking small daily action steps will get you to the destination you desire.
5.Enjoy the journey. Be present and enjoy the energy that taking action will give you. Feel successful by reaching small victories along the way to your ultimate goal. This will keep you motivated to see things through to the end result.